From late April to September 2018, the Serpentine Room at the  Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens,  will be transformed into an enchanting landscape as part of the Summer Flower Show. Located on the west wing of the original Glass House from 1893, this winding room will be the temporary home for a lush plantation in vibrant array of colors, where one might also spot the forest giants emerging from the earth to join the spectacle. As you walk through the space, you will also find yourself immersed by hundreds of sounds coming from all directions, generated by tiny computers hidden amongst the foliage to guide, invoke, illuminate, and accompany your experience in this space. These sounds were designed by Carnegie Mellon University students enrolled in a course titled Experimental Sound Synthesis, which explores the intersections of music and technology within the fields of sound design, experimental music, and installation art.

The composers, sound designers, coders, and builders behind this work are:

Ramin Akhavijou, Alec Albright

Sydney Ayers, Jackson Bogomolny

Daniel Brennan, Nick Castellana

Cynthia Cano, Griffin Della Grotte

Sheela Hanagal, Averell Hause

Davonne Henry, Jacob Hoffman

Sarah Karp, Olivia Kung

Yejin Lee, Olivia Lynn

Christopher Ng, Jacqueline Peng

Kun Peng, Valerie Senavsky

Siri B Tembunkiart, Benjamin Yampolsky

Jeena Yin, Alexander Waskob


Excerpts of the soundscapes can be previewed here on Soundcloud:

This project was made possible through generous support of the CMU IDeATe program. Special thanks to Jordyn Melino and Paul Widek for their support in making the project possible.